Biester der Zeit. Lynn Chaddwick, Katja Strunz, Hans Uhlmann
18.05.2019 - 25.08.2019

The Haus am Waldsee and the Georg Kolbe Museum have jointly prepared an exhibition in two parts.

Lynn Chadwick - Beast of the Time will present the British sculptor Lynn Chadwick (1914 - 2003) as one of the leading artists of the post-war era in a retrospective overview and in the tension with the German sculptor positions of Uhlmann and Strunz.

Link: Haus am Waldsee und Georg Kolbe Museum

Jordi Alcaraz - Nights
07.06.2019 - 17.11.2019

Jordi Alcaraz new exhibition "Nights" is opening from June 7th, 2019, starting at 12:30 am  at the Museu de Montserrat, Spain,.

From the museums announcement: "Heir to the Catalan artistic tradition of the last fifty years, Alcaraz’s work is related to Brossa’s irony and poetics, Tàpies’ material and Llena’s ethereal character. This exhibition at the Museum of Montserrat shakes the commonly accepted concept of painting and takes us into a reflection about the creative fact itself, identity and reality."

Link: Museu de Montserrat

Leiko Ikemura - Toward New Seas
29.04.2019 - 01.09.2019

The Kunstmuseum Basel is dedicating a retrospective to Leiko Ikemura from May 11 to September 1, 2019.

In the exhibition Toward New Seas, the museum presents drawings, paintings and sculptures in collaboration with the artist and in cooperation with the National Art Center in Tokyo. Link: Kunstmuseum Basel

Link: Kunstmuseum Basel